Solid Color

A solid color system offers deep and brilliant colors using a cyclo-aliphatic hybrid SLE-100 coating solution developed for direct application to concrete. The coating system's design makes it possible to apply just one layer, which dries in less than a day. This flooring option is ideal for severely damaged floors because of its self-leveling qualities, which enable it to fill up any gaps left by concrete cracking, spalling, or flaking.

Benefits of the Solid Color System

  • It provides a smooth finish that lasts for a long time
  • It has anti-slip properties that can prevent common accidents
  • Almost odorless and doesn't use hazardous materials
  • It dries and cures faster compared to other flooring options
  • It can survive high traffic and chemical exposure without chipping or fading

Why Is Solid Color Floor Design Popular?

This system can be created in several ways to reach different thickness, impact, and chemical resistance levels. All materials are available with anti-microbial additives, making them perfect for use in the healthcare and food and beverage industries.

Interested clients can work closely with facility managers to design aesthetically pleasing and practical solutions for their designated purpose. Most of these flooring systems can be installed and put back into operation in as little as one day and are entirely VOC-Free.

Solid Color Application

There are plenty of applications for solid-color flooring. It can range from light-duty shop floors and warehousing to high-traffic industrial settings. By choosing the best materials for your project's installation needs and price range, we can assist you in creating a floor coating that fulfills your project's specifications.

Are You Interested in Solid Color Flooring in Florida?

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