Metallic System

Metallic epoxy is a multi-layered epoxy floor coating that uses the addition of a metallic component to a transparent epoxy finish to produce unique effects. As the epoxy hardens, the metallic powder flows through it, creating a different pattern. Metallic flooring patterns work great with commercial and high-traffic retail areas.

How Are Colors Created?

Black priming is frequently used in metallic floor coating systems to create as much contrast as possible within the metallic finish. The final coloration is mainly determined by the installer's artistry and experience level. Additionally, the room's lighting significantly impacts the appearance and visible color range of the coating.

How Are Metallic Systems Designed?

The metallic epoxy can be mechanically or chemically altered after its application to provide distinctive aesthetic effects. It's also possible to use additional hues to highlight the floor and create more designs. The metallic epoxy coat is sanded when dried, and then one of our performance urethane topcoats is applied on top.

Urethane topcoats, which come in gloss or satin finishes, offer a highly durable wear surface and enhanced traction. Even floors with the same colors can never seem precisely the same due to the metallic pigment's continual mobility, making each bed unique.

Can Homeowners Apply Metallic Flooring?

Metallic floor coatings can be tailored to fit any environment. Homeowners can raise the value of their properties when they apply this type of floor coating to their homes. Depending on the desired finish, a single metallic color or several metallic hues may be used to achieve the ideal design.

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